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announcement came after several days of dramatic testimony about how the runner shot and killed his girlfriend, model reeva steenkamp. defense lawyers say the runner acted on instinct when he thought an intruder was in his upscale home. prosecutors say pistorius intended to kill her in the early hours of valentine's day when he fired four bullets through his bathroom door. they argued the runner had the money, means and motive to flee if a judge let him out of jail. the judge didn't buy it. >> i cannot find that it has been established that the accused is a flight risk. >> reporter: the court set bail at $113,000 and ordered pistorius to hand over his guns and passports. a judge ordered the former olympian to avoid alcohol, his home and all witnesses in the case. and to report to a police station twice a week. pistorius' lawyers told the judge, the athlete is too famous to flee bail. the 26-year-old will be back in
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court on june 4. tina kraus, cbs news. justice is finally served for an oakland man who spent more than six years in prison for a crime he didn't commit. kpix 5 reporter cate caugiran is at the alameda county courthouse where a judge just freed ronald ross moments ago. >> through all the time, i'm so proud that god brought him through. i'm really proud. >> reporter: for the first time in nearly 7 years, this mother got a chance to hug her son, a right that was wrongly taken away. what was that first hug like, that moment? >> like i was in i don't know just like i was in the garden of eden somewhere. but god brought me through. it felt good. >> reporter: thelma's son ronald ross was vindicated after being wrongly convicted of a 2006 shooting in oakland. he spent nearly 7 years behind bars. thanks to a team of volunteer lawyers, the northern california "innocence project," today ross will walk out of
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jail a free man. >> i'm really, really happy and relieved. it's been almost five years, 4.5 years, of work. >> reporter: hard work that paid off. the team argued he was a victim of poor police work and lies from witnesses. the alameda county prosecutors agreed. >> we had a tape-recorded more or less confession from the person who did the shooting. we had other witnesses that we had located and our great investigator had located which cast serious doubt on the prosecution's theory at trial and they took a hard look at it and concluded this wasn't a conviction they could stand behind. >> reporter: peter says they plan to pick up ross at the santa rita jail in pleasanton where they will take him home to his mother's where he will have dinner with her for the first time in years. in oakland, cate caugiran, kpix 5. the san jose woman who lied about finding a finger in a bowl of chili at a wendy's restaurant is back behind bars now. this time, anna ayala is accused of making up a story to protect her own son. investigators say he shot himself in the foot but because
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he can't legally have a gun, reportedly claimed that another man shot him and ayala backed up the story. >> they gave pretty specific information to the point to where we actually thought we had a suspect. we interviewed this person, we conducted various forensic testing as far as gunshot residue goes and so we treated it like the real deal. eventually we were able to -- >> eventually the story fell through. ayala is in court now and faces four more years in jail. an attack at uc-santa cruz has led to the university to begin a night safety escort program. the school is providing vans to take faculty, students and visitors anywhere on campus between 8 p.m. and 2:45 a.m. last sunday around noon a 21- year-old woman was raped on campus. protestors are staging a sit-in at the troubled city college of san francisco. they want students to have more input on how to save the college from losing its
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accreditation. students plan to sit in through the weekend. a meeting is now scheduled for monday morning between protestors and school administrators. and work on the new span of the bay bridge has resumed after a crane collapse yesterday. the crane was on a barge below the deck when it came crashing down just after noon. the crash also brought down about 100 tons of steel. no one was injured. and crews have just 192 days to finish work on the new span before it is set to open to the public. today pg&e showed off a new device for inspecting natural gas pipeline. it's essentially a remote- controlled camera. as kpix 5 reporter anne makovec shows you it's all part of the utility's continuing effort to improve safety under pressure from the public. >> reporter: it may look like a basic construction project but it's more high-tech. a wireless robotic camera moving in to check out a 12" gas transmission line in brentwood. >> basically going to be analyzing the condition of the
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inside of the pipe, looking at thickness, corrosion, any defects. >> reporter: this is the first time pg&e is using this type of technology to inspect its pipes, a move prompted by the san bruno pipeline explosion of 2010 when a 30" natural gas line blew up, killing eight people and destroying the crestmoor neighborhood. this is all part of a long-term safety improvement project costing hundreds of millions of dollars and pg&e customers are helping foot the bill with increased gas rates. >> we have looked across the country for cutting edge technology, best industry practices, to help us as we move toward our goal of building the safest gas system in the country. >> reporter: this project costs $800,000 and will take about a week. the device plunging into this line in four different spots in the brentwood area and unlike other inspection devices, there's no need for an interruption in service. it's propelled through the line by the gas pressure. in brentwood, anne makovec,
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kpix 5. an off-duty san jose officer was knit right place at the right time to stop a robbery suspect on bart. sergeant fred cota was headed to san francisco to get his marriage certificate with his fiancee when someone on the train yelled out that they had been robbed. he grabbed the suspect, jennifer davis, and held her until bart police could take her into custody. the victim then thanked the cop and he said he was just doing his job. at first his fiancee didn't want him to get involved. >> although i don't necessarily want to do things when i'm not on duty, if i see something and there's no alternative, then she knows i'm going to doing is. so she kind of stayed back, you know, in case it got a little more dangerous. >> kotto asked the other officers if he could give his statement later and his fiancee made it to his appointment with four minutes to spare. he said this is probably his last arrest since he is about to retire. >> good for him. still to come, bigger than
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average and swim where they don't belong. >> how experts think these joined goldfish got into lake tahoe and why it could change the lake forever. >> if the $100 million price tag isn't enough to scare you off, there's a bigger catch if you decided to bid on the south bay mansion. >> hi i'm meteorologist lawrence karnow in the kpix 5 weather center. lots of sunshine around the bay area now. we have some changes though coming our way this weekend. we'll talk about that coming up.
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in one week unless congress comes up with a compromise. automatic spending cuts known as the sequester will hit in one week unless congress comes up with a compromise. yes. the president is reaching out to republicans but it appears both sides are still far apart
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on a deal. cbs reporter danielle nottingham has the latest now from washington. >> reporter: the obama administration is warning americans to get ready for nationwide flight delays. transportation secretary ray lahood says if next week's automatic spending cuts go through, he will be forced to cut air traffic controllers. >> flights to major cities like new york, chicago and san francisco and others could experience delays of up to 90 minutes during peak hours. >> reporter: republicans accuse the white house of using scare tactics to force them into a budget deal. president obama called mitch mcconnell and john boehner thursday. he told al sharpton's radio listeners the gop appears willing to let the cuts go through. >> their basic view is that nothing is important enough to raise taxes on wealthy individuals or corporations and they would prefer to see these kinds of cuts.
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>> reporter: democrats say if the cuts go through, dozens of federal agencies will have to trim workers affecting everyone from food inspectors to fbi agents. but republicans believe the cuts are being blown out of proportion. house majority leader eric cantor said in a statement, president obama has said that unless he gets a second tax hike, he will be forced to let criminals loose on the streets. the meat at your grocery store won't be inspected and emergency responders will be unable to do their jobs. these are false choices. lawmakers will make their choice when they return to work next week. in washington, danielle nottingham, kpix 5. despite that news, stocks are rebounding today closing out the workweek in style up over 100 points. happy friday. >> looks good. a prime piece of peninsula real estate is up for sale but it comes with a catch. the owner gets to stay. the $100 million property sits
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on 46 acres in hillsborough above san mateo creek and south of crystal springs road. take a look at this. a 16,000-square-foot mediterranean style mansion is owned by a 76-year-old man. he was born and raised in the luxury home. and he wants to stay there until he dies. at least one realtor thinks there will be some interest. >> typical buyer would probably be someone really seeking to kind of showcase their success. often times coming from international. >> the mansion features 7 bedrooms, 8.5 bathrooms and a servant's wing. the home is surrounded by manicured gardens but much of the property is still undeveloped. a home nearby recently sold for $117 million. >> could build him a little shack on the other part of the property. >> why not. i may want to accept that friend request from grandma. a new study finds social media can giveolder adults a brain boost. a group was taught to use
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facebook and they were put through a test. they found the new facebookers did 25% on the tests than the seniors who did no social networking whatsoever. well, a big change is coming to twitter. there soon will be no more tweets from the pope. pope benedict's official twitter account will be closed february according to vatican radio. the pontiff will likely send out his last tweet on february 27th the day before he leaves the vatican. more than 2 million people follow pope benedict on twitter. so i don't know. maybe the next pope will be on twitter. >> you think he is actually doing the tweets? >> he may be. >> the next pope may be on facebook, too. >> yeah. >> we'll see. >> he may be 85. >> could be. guys, got a great weekend coming our way. we have changes though coming in our direction, as well. high pressure bringings a nice day today but may begin to weaken a little bit tomorrow. outside right now we have a lot of sunshine and a few high clouds cruising in overhead. little bit of a breeze over the
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bay, as well. 59 degrees in concord right now. 59 in santa rosa. 58 in san jose. a low 50s at the coastline right now. it's looking good toward mount diablo and really into the afternoon. lots of sunshine for everyone these temperatures right around seasonal for this time of year. a few more clouds overnight tonight. and then it looks like some dry weather coming our way but maybe a little cooler into saturday. high pressure right now sitting out across the pacific and along the west coast but you can already see the storm system riding over the top of the ridge the one that moves through later on tonight cooling us down on saturday. but by sunday, those temperatures are going to pop right back up as high pressure builds in. overnight tonight, we are expecting a few more clouds to roll in across our skies and we are going to keep things dry here but it's going to pass through tomorrow morning and move out of town so once that moves on by it looks like before a good day on saturday. a little bit blustery at the coastline though in the afternoon hours. temperatures for today looking good. 63 degrees in san jose, 62 hayward.
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east bay temperatures into the 60s in many spots even some mid- 60s into the napa area and inside the bay, looking good. temperatures there in the 50s and 60s. then overnight, 30s and 40s for overnight lows a little chilly but not too bad with partly cloudy skies. weekend looks good, lots of sunshine, and dry for the next seven days maybe near 70 degrees by the middle of next week. >> thank you. well, final preps are now under way for hollywood's biggest and most glamorous night sunday's big academy awards. >> it's the show's 85th year and as cbs reporter bigad shaban shows us, at least one film critic thinks he knows who will take home oscar gold. >> reporter: it's showtime for crews outside hollywood's dolby theater. they are preparing for this year's academy awards and catherine key from naples, florida says she has been waiting to catch a glimpse her entire life. >> it's just amazing. until you're actually here, you don't really don't know what it's like. >> reporter: "los angeles times" writer glen whit has
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covered the oscars for 25 years. he says "argo" is this year's movie to beat. >> "argo" since the nominations were announced has won awards from the screen actors guild, producers guild, director's guild. it's been like an unstoppable force. >> reporter: daniel day-lewis the star of "lincoln" is favorite for best actor. >> if he wins it would be a record third oscar for lead actor. no actor has ever won three oscars for lead performance. >> reporter: but two other actors have already made history. reeva who turns 86 on oscar day is the oldest best actress nominee ever. wallace is the youngest. with this year's list of oscar winners, still under wraps, so are most of the decorations outside the dolby theater. for now, the red carpet looks more white here on hollywood boulevard. but all the protective wrapping comes off oscar sunday. catherine says she has too many favorites to pick just one.
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>> i want pictures and autographs. i want it all. >> reporter: fans will get their chance when this year's hottest moviemakers arrive for hollywood's biggest show. bigad shaban, cbs news, hollywood. still ahead, monster sized goldfish multiplying up at lake tahoe. >> the serious threat they pose to the water.
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at lake tahoe.. he like is what is that? >> what is that?
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a surprising find shocking biologists at lake tahoe. >> researchers at the lake say they have reeled in a catch you have to see to believe. giant goldfish and not just one or two, but dozens if not more. it's the exact same species you see sold at the store but a lot bigger. most are more than a foot long, and biologists believe if the numbers grow, goldfish could ultimately affect lake tahoe's renowned clarity. >> we know that we have a giant goldfish. the question now becomes, how long has it been there? and how many others are there in the lake? as you know at lake tahoe we are trying to keep the lake clear. >> researchers believe the goldfish are introduced by people just emptying fishbowls into the lakes or streams and reveals a new threat to the ecology of the entire lake. >> small little things that people do can have a large impact when you consider that, you know, probably not just one
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person doing it. >> experts say giant goldfish are also showing up in other lakes and rivers all around the world. coming up, this. okay. [ squeaking ] >> there it is. we were waiting for the sound. the squeaky frog. it's a viral sensation and a new way to entertain your pet.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] now's the time to spring. get the poulan blower vac for just $79 at lowe's today.
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well, today's tip of the day is going to be is cluster tomatoes. i love doing tips on includes. tomatoes this time of year because right now the tomatoes out there are grown in hothouses or imported. it's not summertime. there's no backyard-grown tomatoes but the closest one for this time of year are the cluster tomatoes. you have to select and store them right. when you select them, look for a green stem. the greener the fresher they will be and all the tomatoes attached to the stem. did you know, they are still pulling nutrients from the stem which means they are just getting riper and sweeter while they are staying on your counter, not in the refrigerator. store them on the counter. when you bring them home, what's important is to make sure they stay attached. don't pull them off because when you pull them off they quit pulling nutrients from the vine. cluster tomatoes, great for this time of year. almost like a backyard tomato.
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pretty close. and i'm tony tantillo, and and always remember to eat fresh and stay healthy. and i like these too because the aroma is wonderful. >> i learned something. >> tony always teaches us something new. >> i always pluck them off the vine and throw them in the fridge. >> okay. finally it's being called the world's cutest frog. with over 3 million views on youtube, listen to this. [ squeak, squeak ] >> that is cute. isn't in? this is actually -- >> that's not so cute. >> it is cute. it's the defensive cry of a desert rain frog. >> poor little scared guy. >> sounds like a squeaky toy. after wildlife enthusiast posted it, there it is. captions by: caption colorado
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>> hope: i am not going to let you make liam feel trapped. >> steffy: a human life, our baby, is not a trap. and you're accusing me? what happened to giving liam space, letting him figure out what's best for himself? or were you just too afraid he might choose me? >> hope: no, that's not what i thought would happen. >> steffy: you can just stop with the excuses, please. i felt the same, hope, until liam made me feel secure. >> hope: we exchanged vows in italy. father fontana said that, in his
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eyes, we are still married. all my mom wanted was for us to remember and make it official. and we still can, liam. >> taylor: you should have stopped hope from going out there. >> brooke: she has every right to talk to liam and steffy about this pregnancy. it affects all of them. i'm proud of hope for standing up the way she did. i bet you didn't expect that. you just thought she would run away. >> taylor: no, no. not at all. why would she think it's wrong to interfere in somebody else's family? she learned everything she knows from her mother. >> caroline: i don't want to give you the wrong impression. i would love to come and volunteer here with you someday. >> rick: well, there's no time like the present. >> caroline: okay, it's just that i really don't like surprises. you know, you tell me that we're going to get lunch. and i've really just been looking forward to spending time

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